Domestic Pet Licensing

As of July, 2022, ALL PET LICENSING is done through Davis County. More information:

Household Pets:

Definition of Household Pets: Animals or fowl ordinarily permitted in the house and kept for company or pleasure, such as dogs, cats and canaries, but not normally dangerous animals, such as lions or tigers. Purebred miniature Vietnamese potbelly pigs and other similar purebred miniature pigs, not exceeding one hundred twenty-five (125) pounds and twenty-two (22) inches in height at the shoulder, limited to no more than two (2) miniature pot belly pigs per residence.

Questions regarding the numbers and types of pets allowed may be directed to the Community Development Department. The full ordinance can be found in Title 5, Chapter 4 of the North Salt Lake Code.




  • Applicant must be eighteen (18) years or older
  • Dogs must be licensed once they reach four (4) months of age and within the following thirty (30) days
  • Dogs acquired, which are over four (4) months of age, must be licensed within ten (10) days of acquiring the dog


License applications must be done through DAVIS COUNTY.

Renewals & Tags:

  • Licenses expire 1 year from the date of issuance
  • License tags will be issued by Davis County and must be attached to the collar or harness of the animal

Kennel License

  • Persons with three (3) or more dogs over the age of four (4) months must obtain an annual kennel license
  • Kennel licensees are subject to inspections by the Davis County Animal Control Division

License Fees

See Davis County for current fees.