Parks Permits and Forms

bounce house Opens in new windowBounce House Permit Application

Permits are required for any bounce houses in City parks.

  • All bounce houses in a City park must have a permit.
  • All bounce houses must be operated by their own generators. 
  • Permits are issued per bounce house. Multiple piece bounce houses require additional permits.
  • Unauthorized vehicles are prohibited on park premises; therefore, all bounce house equipment must be hand-carted in from the street or parking lot.
  • Bounce house space is limited and may not obstruct a walking path or public access to an entry or exit.
  • Bounce houses cause damage to turf, therefore, please avoid setting a bounce house down on a muddy surface.
  • Permit holder must be present and have the permit on hand at all times.

Special Event Application

A Special Event Application MUST be completed for any event that is planned to take place on North Salt Lake City property when the public is invited to attend or any event that involves blocking public streets or sidewalks. It is also required for a private event that involves more than 200 people.

special event