Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

The City of North Salt Lake recognizes the importance of health and wellness in our community and of our residents. During the 9.21.21 City Council meeting, the NSL Health and Wellness committee was established to address the importance of promoting health, safety and general welfare of our residents. 

The Health and Wellness committee consists of residents, appointed by the Mayor and City Council, members of City staff, and a City Council representative. This committee will meet several times per year and will address physical and mental health, emergency preparedness, personal wellness, food and housing access issues, addiction services and other issues as needed.

Committee Application: (The committee positions have all been filled as of now. There are always opportunities to volunteer and help with events or programs organized by this committee or other volunteer committees in the City.  Email if you would like to help. It's our volunteers that make this city great! Thank you!

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Circle of Security Parenting

A Program for Parents with Children of Any Age - It's Never Too Late.

“This class has provided a lot of great insight that seems so simple but when you don't know, makes things so hard. I feel no matter the age of your child all parents would benefit from this class. It also helps with relationships outside of your relations with your children.“

- Learn to read your child’s emotional needs

- Support your child’s ability to successfully manage emotions

- Enhance the development of your child’s self esteem

- Learn to trust your innate wisdom and desire for your child to be secure

Dinner and childcare available for kids 1 - 12 years old provided each week at no cost.

PSA FREE Parenting Class COS Jan 31-Mar 20 2024 (1)