Annexation Policy Plan Update 2021

Per the provisions of 10-2-401.5, Utah Code Annotated, all Utah municipalities are required to adopt an Annexation Policy Plan. In this Annexation Policy Plan, cities are required to develop an expansion area map and plan for the future growth of the community for the next 20 years. The Annexation Policy Plan helps the City plan for future expansion of the City’s boundary.  City of North Salt Lake (“the City”) adopted its first Annexation Policy Plan in February of 2003. This Annexation Policy Plan update will replace all prior annexation documents and provides opportunity for the elimination of islands and peninsulas of unincorporated county between municipal jurisdictions.

In 2020, property owners in Salt Lake County requested the City consider amending the Expansion Area Map to include their properties. These lands are contiguous to a portion of the City’s west boundary along the Jordan River. Additionally, the City desired to update the adopted 2003 Annexation Policy Plan for compliance with State Code as part of the 2021 update to the Annexation Policy Plan

2021 Annexation Policy Plan

2021 Annexation Policy Plan-Addendum Area D

2021 Annexation Area Plan-Expansion Area Map