City Code: Ordinance 2022-03

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Code section: 10-22-3: Landscape Design Standards 


Approved Street Trees:

Weber Basin Approved Plants:

  • No sod/turf in park strips or landscaped area less than 8 feet wide 

Park strips and other landscaped areas less than eight (8) feet wide may not be landscaped with sod/turf. Only water-conserving plants, which do not have a mass planting of any type of plant material which requires uniform overhead spray irrigation, may be used in a park strip


  • At least 33% or more of the park strip surface must be covered with vegetative material (based on plant maturity coverage). 

At least thirty three percent (33%) or more of the park strip surface must be covered with perennial or low growing shrub vegetation within three (3) years of planting or when planting has reached maturity, whichever comes first.


  • Street trees can be credited towards the 33% coverage requirement. Typically, a small tree will provide a 50 sq. ft. credit toward the minimum coverage requirement. 

The addition of street trees chosen in accordance with Title 7, Chapter 9, Community Forestry shall be credited towards required park strip plant coverage as follows:

Small trees: 50 square feet

Medium trees: 75 square feet

Large trees: 100 square feet

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