Water Conservation

Summer, 2022

As you know, the State of Utah is experiencing severe drought conditions which have now affected the available water supplies for the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District (WBWCD), the provider of much of our outdoor irrigation water and some drinking water. Last year, the WBWCD provided only 80% of the City’s contracted irrigation water and delayed Spring water delivery. This year, they are again reducing our available supply and providing only 60% of the water normally provided for outdoor watering. In addition, the secondary water system was not available until after May 15 and is expected to be shut off in mid-September.

We ask you to please voluntarily conserve water, both indoor and outdoor, by using the guidelines adopted by the WBWCD and the Utah Division of Water Resources.

The City does not have staffing to strictly enforce these guidelines, but we will issue notices and citations in cases where violations are large and obvious. We will be monitoring water usage and communicating with the public through social media and the website about our conservation progress. In addition, the City Council strengthened the water rate schedule as of June 1st in such a way that high water users will pay significantly more for water than customers who are conserving water. The City is also drastically altering the watering of its open spaces, including the Eaglewood Golf Course. We are hoping to water only enough to not cause significant damage to the City’s facilities.

We urge you to follow these guidelines and conserve as much as possible. The more we can all conserve now, the more stable this year and next year’s water supplies will be.

Please visit www.weberbasin.com to learn more about water conservation and programs available to you.

Updated Water Restrictions 7-19-22 Instagram