Elections in North Salt Lake are held By-Mail

Any person who is currently registered to vote in Davis County will be mailed their ballot approximately 21 days before each election. Simply mark your ballot, mail it in or drop it in the drop box at City Hall. On election day, voters will still have the option to vote in-person at City Hall.

Will You be Away from Home during an Election?

Any registered voter may request a by mail ballot be sent to an address different than their home address. You may download the form by clicking here: Alternate Address Request Form 

Alternate Address Request Forms should be submitted to the Office of the Davis County Clerk.

Military & Overseas Citizens By-Mail Ballot Application

Military voters and citizens living abroad may file a ballot application electronically. An application must be filed with the County Clerk for each federal general election. For more information see Military and Overseas Voting.

Deadline for Returning a Ballot in the Mail

A by-mail ballot is only valid if it is postmarked the day before (not on) election day and received in the clerk's office before noon on the day of the official canvass.