Code Enforcement Process

Report a Potential Code Violation

To inquire about or report a potential code violation, please contact the community enforcement specialist at 801-335-8677. Be prepared with the address of the violation (even if approximate), a description of the violation (if emailing or writing a letter), and your contact phone number in case the City needs more information.

Fix-It Ticket Citation

After a violation is reported, the community enforcement specialist will investigate and determine if the violation is valid. If it is found to be valid, a courtesy notice (also known as a fix-it ticket citation) identifying the violation will be delivered or mailed to the resident - often in the form of a door hanger. The resident or property owner then has 10 days to correct the problem.

Violations Not Fixed by End of Grace Period

If the violation is not remedied within 10 days, the citation is then turned over to the City Attorney for further action. If the violation is corrected within the 10-day grace period, residents must contact the Community Enforcement Office at 801-335-8677 for re-inspection of the property.

In cases where an immediate inspection is needed, the code enforcement specialist will make an appointment with the resident or property owner, or may visit the property unannounced. It is the resident's or property owner's responsibility to resolve the violation or contact the community enforcement specialist for a case review.