Code Enforcement

Building Better Neighborhoods Through Dedicated Service

Code Enforcement promotes and maintains a safe and desirable community consistent with health and safety regulations, and provides residents with sustainable property values and a lower crime rate. This is done by assisting residents and property owners to be in compliance with the City codes in a friendly, fair, and impartial manner.

Duties of the Code Enforcement Office

The City of North Salt Lake Code Enforcement Office is proactive. The code enforcement specialist seeks out areas in the City that are out of compliance with the City's Municipal Code and then works with residents or property owners to bring the property back into compliance. The office also investigates complaints of Municipal Code violations relating to health, safety, nuisances, and housing and zoning violations via personal contact/interview, U.S mail, telephone, and email.

Mission Statement

The mission of the City of North Salt Lake Code Enforcement Office is to provide a safe, healthy, and quality life for its citizens while at the same time promoting a high degree of professionalism and respect for human dignity.

Vision Statement

To be a strong and effective organization through open communication, teamwork, mutual respect, and a partnership with the community, willing to pioneer innovative approaches through community enforcement.