Every member of the youth city council will be placed on a committee. In this committee, they will help lead in their respective area. A description of the committees is below.


  • The service committee is responsible for planning and managing the YCC “legacy” project (This is a yearlong service project). They will also plan 4 additional service projects throughout the year (aid for refugees, food pantry awareness campaign for the homeless, etc.).


  • The leadership committee is responsible for managing our monthly discussions on current events and community issues. They will organize and communicate days on which all members of the YCC will attend city council meetings (see logan requirements). They will help the service committee with the legacy project and will aid in recording attendance.


  • Publicity will manage the YCC Instagram account. They will take photos and record major YCC events. When needed, they will work with the city to communicate and advertise YCC hosted events.


  • The activities committee is responsible for planning an activity once a month.