GRAMA Request Form

GRAMA - The Records Law

The Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA), Title 63G Chapter 2 of the Utah Code, is the records law for the State of Utah. GRAMA defines what a record is and establishes the criteria for accessing government records. North Salt Lake complies with GRAMA under North Salt Lake City Code, Title 1-12.


Submitting a GRAMA Request for Public Records

To request public records in the state of Utah, submit a completed GRAMA Request Form online or via fax to 801-335-8719 or by mail / in person at:

City Recorder's Office
10 E Center Street
North Salt Lake, UT 84054

Items to Note

Items to keep in mind include:

  • Be specific in describing the record - list dates, addresses, and (if applicable) property address, permit number, and parcel number
  • Be sure to fill out the GRAMA request form completely - include your name, address, telephone number, andpolice-report-clipboard email address
  • For records that are private, protected, or controlled (and if you are not the subject of the record), submit a notarized release from the subject of the record or his/her legal representative.
  • You must fill out a separate GRAMA request for police records. Find more information about requesting police records.

For More Information

If you have any questions about submitting a GRAMA request, please review the GRAMA guidelines and contact Wendy Page at 801-335-8709.