Water Line Project 75 East

6/2/22 Project Update:

As of today 6/2/22, crews have placed 300 feet of new pipe along 75 East with the goal to have the main line installed by 6/9. The following week, crews plan to begin connecting residents to new 8" line. 

There is still one more tie-in to be done at 475 N., with hopeful project completion by 7/1.


The City's water crews will be replacing the aged 6” waterline connected to homes in this area with a new 8” line. As part of this replacement, the City will be bringing the water infrastructure up to current codes and drinking water regulations.

Construction is expected to begin mid-May, 2022 and we estimate work will take 4 to 8 weeks depending on weather and other variables. There will be times during construction when traffic and driveways will be closed and water service will be interrupted. We will inform residents of any planned interruptions; however, due to the nature of this type of work, unplanned water outages and road blockages may occur.

Water Line 75 East 1-page Project Postcard