Water Rates

In March, 2021, the City Council authorized a study by Bowen, Collins & Associates to review and update the City's water infrastructure plan. Items of focus included:

  • Capacity for long-term growth
  • Conservation Strategies
  • Equitable fee schedule based on AWWA (American Water Works Association standards

The findings of the study were presented to the Mayor and City Council during the annual budget retreat in March of 2022. Included were the following recommendations:

  1. Reduction in most culinary base rates - avg. 17%
  2. Remove base allowances (6,000-10,000 gallons)
  3. Standardize for both residential and commercial users based on meter size
  4. Secondary base rate drops from $14.55 to $5.00 per month

Fee Structure Changes

New Tier Structure - Beginning June 1, 2022

  1. Users will be charged at the first 1,000 gallons used
  2. Allowances in mid-range tiers will be decreased to promote conservation

Usage Rates Normalized

  1. Secondary usage average at 75% of culinary
  2. Rates above 350 E. set at 20% higher than below 350 E. to accommodate service delivery cost (electricity)
Water Rates to increase 2022