Essay Contest 2022

Congratulation to our 2022 Essay Contest winners! This year's theme, "Overcoming Monsters" prompted a variety of creative, well-written and some vulnerable entries.

Thank you to all who participated.


  • 1st place (tie): Amy Farley and Siri Vandegrift
  • 2nd place (tie): Peyton Booth and Anya Thomasma
  • 3rd place: Allie Gardner


  • 1st place: Rachel Bawden
  • 2nd place (tie): Gentry Holbrook and Heather Vandegrift
  • 3rd place: Judith Hegewald
NSL Reads 2022 Essay Contest WINNERS

THEME: "Overcoming Monsters"NSL Reads 2022 Theme - Overcoming Monsters (1)

ESSAY CATEGORIES: There are three categories based on the author’s age on October 12, 2022. Adults are not permitted to assist young adults or children with their submissions.

  • Adult (18 years or older)
  • Young Adult (12-to-17 years)
  • Child (11 years or younger)

PRIZES: Three prizes will be awarded in each age category:

  • 1st ($50 gift care to Barnes & Noble)
  • 2nd ($25 gift care to Barnes & Noble)
  • 3rd ($10 gift care to Barnes & Noble)


CONTACT INFORMATION: Include a cover page with your submission containing your name and age category, the title of your submission, the word count, and your contact information (mailing address, telephone number, and email address). Put the title and page number on each page of your submission. Do not put your name on your submission. Manuscripts will not be returned.

WORD COUNT: Adult submissions may contain up to 3,000 words, young adult submissions up to 2,000 words, and child submissions up to 500 words.

FORMAT: All submissions should use 12 pt. font and be double spaced, except that child submissions may be handwritten. If submissions are emailed, they must be saved as a Word document or a PDF file.

DEADLINE: The deadline is Friday, October 7, at 4:00 p.m. Submissions may be emailed to parksandarts@NSLCITY.ORG or hand-delivered/mailed to:

NSL Reads Annual Writing Competition

10 E Center Street

North Salt Lake, UT 84054

ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNERS: Winners will be announced at the NSL Reads Night, a free, family event on Thursday, October 12, 2022, 7:00 p.m. at CITY HALL. Participants are encouraged to invite their family and friends. 

For more info, email

Essay contest is open to residents of Davis County.