2021 Municipal Elections                                             

Pursuant to Utah Code 10-3-301, the City of North Salt Lake hereby gives notice of the following municipal offices to be voted on in the 2021 Municipal General Election on November 2, 2021: Mayor and two (2) City Council Members. Each office is a four-year term beginning January 2022 through December 2025.

Candidates must meet the following qualifications: 

  1. Be a United States citizen; 
  2. Be a registered voter of the City; 
  3. Be a resident of the City of North Salt Lake for at least 365 consecutive days immediately preceding the date of the election; and 
  4. Not be a convicted felon, mentally incompetent, or convicted of treason or a crime against the City unless their right to hold elective office has been restored. UCA 20A-2-101.3, 20A-2-101.5.

The City of North Salt Lake contracts with Davis County for administering the elections, and all elections are Vote by Mail. Make sure you are registered to vote. Ballots begin to arrive 21 days before each election. If you are unable to use the provided drop boxes throughout the county, you will still be able to vote in person at NSL City Hall from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. on election day or at any of the other Vote Centers throughout the county. (Please bring your ballot if you received one.)

General Election: November 2, 2021

Notice of General Election

General Election Sample Ballot

Primary Election: August 10, 2021

Primary Sample Ballot

Election Results 

Pursuant to the Utah Pursuant to Utah Code 20A-4-304, the City of North Salt Lake hereby gives notice of the certification of the 2021 Municipal Primary Election:

2021 Primary Canvass Certification











 Total Votes Cast


Primary Election Results (Davis County Election Office)

Election Results


Learn more:  Davis County Elections page or call 801-451-3217.

Register to Vote Here: https://www.daviscountyutah.gov/clerk-auditor/elections/voter-registration

2021 Election Financial Disclosures

Primary Election Financial Disclosures for Candidates are due by 5:00 p.m. on August 3, 2021 and will be posted here within 24 hours of receipt by the City.

Primary Election Financial Disclosures:

Lisa Baskin

Alisa VanLangeveld

Tammy Clayton

Luisa Auva'a Tupou

Mitch Torgerson

Election Notice Graphic w orig one color logo2021 Election Candidates

To learn more about the candidates, please see the links below for candidate websites.

Mayor (1 seat)*: 

Gary Widders

Brian J. Horrocks

 City Council (2 seats)*: 

Lisa Baskin

Alisa VanLangeveld

Tammy Clayton

Mitch Torgerson

* Candidates listed in random order per Master Ballot Position List as approved by the Lieutenant Governor.