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Latest COVID-19 Vaccine Update 

from Davis County Health Department 2/25/21

Vaccine Now Available for Those with High-risk Medical Conditions

  • The Governor announced that COVID-19 vaccines are now available for Utahns 16+ who have specific medical conditions. 
  • Utah residents may receive their vaccine through any provider.  
  • Utah residents no longer have to get the vaccine in the county/health district where they live. 
  • Plan on using the same provider for both 1st and 2nd dose.

Scheduling Appointments at the Davis County Mass Vaccination Clinic in Farmington

  • Appointments for those with high-risk medical conditions are available at the Davis County COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Clinic in Farmington starting tomorrow, February 26, through the end of March.  
  • Appointments can be made online through the Davis County Vaccine Scheduler Website
  • Eligible residents may call the Davis County COVID Information Line: 801-525-4900 for help scheduling a vaccine appointment. Operators are available 8:30 am - 5:00 pm; Monday-Friday (except for holidays).
    • Health Department staff are NOT able to assess individual medical conditions or risk.
    • We are happy to help answer any questions about how to schedule an appointment for those who qualify.
    • Please talk to your doctor if you have questions about whether you qualify for the vaccine based on your medical history.  
  • In the event all appointments are full, feel free to check back regularly. As the state receives additional doses we are often able to add additional doses throughout the week. 
  • There are other places for those that are eligible to receive the vaccine other than the local health departments, and those opportunities continue to grow daily. To find other vaccine providers visit:

Eligible High-risk Medical Conditions

  • A list of conditions that make a person eligible can be found at this link.
  • Click here for a list of the ICD-10 Codes of the medical conditions eligible for vaccination.
  • A letter to physicians outlining medical conditions can be found at this link.
  • These priority groups are decided at the state level. Vaccine distributors must follow the state priority system.
  • We recognize that there are many other conditions outside this list that make a person high risk.
  • The medical conditions list is limited due to the current supply of vaccines.
  • Only very severe medical conditions are included in this beginning group. Individuals with medical conditions on the list are at a very high risk of hospitalization and death from COVID-19.
  • This was a very difficult decision for state leaders.
  • The Governor is asking residents to follow the honor system and only schedule an appointment if they have a condition on the list that has been provided.
  • We expect the list of underlying medical conditions to expand as more doses become available.  
  • Watch for updates on DCHD COVID-19 Vaccine webpage, and/or

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