Photo Contest & Photography Night

2022 Winners! 

Congratulations to this year's NSL Photo Contest winners! We received so many fantastic entries - Thank you! The judges panel had their work cut out for them. Our winners were: ADULT category: 1st Place: Larry Witkowski, 2nd Place: Scott Lalliss, 3rd Place: Diane Romrell. In the YOUTH category: 1st Place: Kayla Child, 2nd Place: Tressa DeMzee, and 3rd Place: Anna Feistel. People's Choice awards went to JJ VanLangeveld in the adult category, and Kallie Hood in the youth category.

Please congratulate these photographers! These beautiful pictures are now hanging in City Hall and will be displayed until next year's photo contest winners take their place.

2022 PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST winners w peoples choice collage Facebook

City of North Salt Lake's 

3rd Annual Photography Contest!

We invite residents of North Salt Lake to submit original photos for our city’s third annual photography contest. There is not a theme this year, so photos of any kind that represent the landscape or life in NSL can be submitted. 

No need to be a professional photographer to participate. We can't wait to see what the creative residents of the City will submit!

Photos submitted in the contest will be used to tell the City's story in marketing and communications materials.

Submissions are due by 5:00 pm October 12, 2022. Winners will be announced at our Photography event on October 19th. 

Winners will have the honor of having their photo hanging in the North Salt Lake City offices on a beautifully printed canvas for the year! You will then receive the print to hang in your own home. (See menu links for previous year's winning submissions!)

**** RULES ****

  • All photos must have been taken in the City of North Salt Lake.
  • The contest is open for all NSL residents. 
  • There will be two categories - youth (ages 0-17) and adult (18+). 
  • Each resident is allowed to submit two images of his or her best work. 
  • All images must be at least 12 megapixels to win.  Smaller images may be submitted and will still be featured on Instagram.  Images should be sent as a jpg.  (Secret hint: Creative images and images of identifiable NSL locations get bonus points from the judges)
  • Images depicting individuals must include a model release.  Images also must be Rated G.
  • Please email your submissions to

By participating it is implied that you are giving North Salt Lake permission to make and display a print and to use your image in marketing and communication materials.

NSL Reads 2022 Photo contest AND Photography Night postThe NSL Parks, Trails, Arts and Recreation Advisory Board (NSL Parks & Arts) is excited to announce that Braxton Wilhelmsen will be the 2022 guest photographer who will speak to us at our NSL Photography Night October 19, 2022.

Braxton Wilhelmsen is a creative marketing director coming from an art background. He graduated from UVU with a bachelor's degree in fine art, and has since worked over 10 years full-time as a photographer, designer, and creative director, and now as a marketing director. His quiet, honest, no-nonsense style has surprised many over the years and his focus on the practical use of his images for business has differentiated him from his peers. Braxton's photography can be found on products in Target, Lifetime, Sam's Club, American Crafts, Browning, Costco, Walmart and more. "We don't need to wonder if our work is good. Put it out there and let the market decide."

Come enjoy an evening talking photography with Mr. Wilhelmsen and photographers of all skill levels from the community. Don't forget that the winners of this year's NSL Photo Contest will also be announced!