COVID-19 School Manual

COVID-19_School_Manual_FINAL-tmb-800Utah COVID-19 School Manual

The Utah Department of Health and Utah's 13 local health departments are pleased to share the COVID-19 School Manual with you. This document is independent of and has a different purpose than the Davis School District plan for the reopening of school which can be found here.

The school manual provides up-to-date guidance to help school officials, teachers, and parents make informed decisions about how best to provide a safe learning environment for students and a safe workplace for teachers and employees. The manual has up-to-date recommendations from the Utah Department of Health, Utah's 13 local health departments, CDC, Utah State Board of Education, and the Leavitt Partners.

 Some of the information from the manual includes:

  • Answers to questions about contact tracing in schools, quarantine, and isolation
  • How to screen for symptoms of COVID-19
  • Creating a healthy learning environment for students and a safe workplace for teachers
  • Cleaning after a positive case of COVID-19
  • Testing for COVID-19
  • How extracurricular activities may be done safely during the pandemic
  • Considerations for schools as employers
  • The school manual is available online at and is also linked to the image above.

COVID-19 is a new disease. We learn more every day about COVID-19 and the best ways to stop it from spreading. We know this can make it very hard for school administrators, teachers, employees, and families to know what to do. Guidelines may change based on new information about COVID-19. School and public health officials will regularly evaluate protocols and adapt as we gain understanding about the best ways to keep students, teachers, and employees safe and schools open for in-person learning. As with all things COVID-19, this document may be updated and changes may occur as needed.