Mayor's Message 7-13-20

The following message was posted to social media by Mayor Message from the Mayor Website post 7.14.20 (1)Arave on 7.13.20:

"I was just on a couple of calls regarding Covid 19. The first had a representative from the Utah Hospital Association. They are very concerned that our current total hospitalizations are nearing capacity for both the number of rooms and the number of health care providers we have available. They made a strong argument that the wearing of masks when you cannot social distance is very important and this act in itself could keep the case load from overwhelming the system.

The second was an update from the county regarding our Covid 19 status. The active caseload in the city went from the low 30’s last week to 54 this week, which is obviously disconcerting. The number of new cases in the County grew week over week by 44%. The County currently tries to trace contacts of individuals who contract the disease and notify people who have come in contact with them. We fear that the case load will soon surpass the County’s ability perform this function. It appears that the County will be issuing a directive to request businesses to comply with the Governor’s directive to require masks on their premises.

Discussions with the County have led me to make a couple of other suggestions to help with what could be a potential crisis. One of the big problems we have is with large gatherings. Summer is the time for family gatherings and fun. Unfortunately, your best chance of catching the virus is from someone you know quite well. Well over half of known cases are contracted from a family member or a household contact with another 10% catching it from a neighbor or friend. When you get the whole family together you are risking a family tragedy, as often these parties include high risk individuals. Our cases are currently growing rapidly so the chance that one member of the family now has the virus is doubling every two to three weeks. At a large gathering, that one case will ripple through much of the family unless great care is taken to make sure there is social distancing or masks are worn. You may want to consider postponing these large family gatherings.

The fastest growing segment of the population contracting the virus seems to be our youth. As summer has hit, there is a desire for youth to be active. I agree that this important for them, but please be aware that when you get a group together, it is important that that they social distance or wear masks. Current thought is that the virus is less problematic for younger populations, but the current rate of spread is overwhelming our ability react proactively. Please don’t allow your kids to congregate in groups without supervision making sure that they social distance or wear masks. On July 3rd, we had a large ad hoc gathering of youth at the golf course to celebrate the 4th. This could have played a part in our growth in cases. We are hoping that parents can help their children avoid large gatherings and keep groups small when they get together.

I realize that there are many opinions on what is effective against this virus. Regardless of your view, please be aware that we are approaching crisis levels with our health care system and that each of us needs to do what they can to prevent its spread before it is beyond our ability to react to it. For more information on what you can do, go to" 

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