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Do you know the meaning behind North Salt Lake’s logo?NSL Logo

The iconic sun rays spanning the horizon represent the nightly sunsets unique to North Salt Lake. Their reflection over the Great Salt Lake illuminate light, energy and beauty throughout every season of the year. The rays’ origination in the middle of the circle represents the community as a whole, and the nine rays reaching upward and outward reflect the influence of its residents beyond city borders – to the communities, state and nation beyond.

  • Recognition – North Salt Lake continues to receive national recognition being named one of the best and safest places to live in the country.
  • Raising our Future – North Salt Lake is a family-oriented community with safe, friendly neighborhoods, schools and churches.
  • Preserving our Rich Heritage – We are proud of our history; it has made us who we are today. As we continue to grow, we will continue to remember our past.
  • Working Together – Whether you are a resident, business owner or employee, we are all working together to build a community of excellence.
  • Financial Health - North Salt Lake believes in fiscal responsibility by maintaining very little long-term debt, reinvesting in critical infrastructure, and maintaining an adequate "rainy day" fund.
  • Responsible Growth - The City has a General Plan that is reviewed and updated regularly with citizen input.
  • Public Safety - Residents of North Salt Lake feel safe in their neighborhoods as the City continues to invest in Police and Fire operations to meet the needs of a growing city. 
  • Quality of Life – North Salt Lake is a place rich in cultural identity, diversity and inclusion. 
  • Commerce and Industry – We are a place that supports innovation, research and economic growth.

These principles make the City of North Salt Lake a great place to live, work and play.

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