Golf Course Advisory Committee

On August 6, 2019, the City Council passed Resolution 2019-28R: A resolution creating a golf course advisory committee and establishing general terms, conditions, tasks and duties of the committee; establishing general authority and procedures; appointing committee members and establishing an effective date.

This committee was tasked by the city council to perform the following duties:

a. Review of a financial inventory and overview of the past, present and future financial projections related to Eaglewood Golf Course.

b. A review of outsourcing operations or management of the Course that may reduce or eliminate annual deficits.

c. Preparation of findings and recommendations to the City Council from the Committee related to its tasks and duties.

The mayoral appointments to the board at the date of passage are as follows:

  • Mayor Len Aravefrontsignandpath1080_opt30
  • Roger Graves
  • Jason Taylor
  • Matt Jensen
  • Corey Markisich
  • Court Huish
  • John Logan