Parks Trails Arts & Recreation Advisory Board


The Parks Trails Arts and Recreation Advisory Board (aka the Parks and Arts Board) meets monthly to discuss parks, trails, art and recreation in the city, and to plan the City's season of Parks and Arts events.  Sign up if you’re interested in receiving information about our events.

Public Meeting Records

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. 

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Meeting Materials are also available prior to the meetings.

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Minutes are also available following approval. 

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Recordings are available after the meetings.

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  • Tammy Clayton, Chair
  • Dallas Golden
  • Kyle Poulter
  • Jeff Scroger
  • Camille Thorpe
  • Peter Wirthlin

  • Ted Knowlton, Council Representative
  • David Frandsen, City Staff
  • Linda Horrocks, City Staff

About the Parks & Trails Board

Duties and responsibilities of the Parks, Trails, Arts and Recreation Advisory board:

  • Study, develop, and review parks, trails, cultural art and recreation policies and plans.
  • Review proposed design, improvements, modernization, and/or expansion of parks, trails, arts, and recreational facilities.
  • Review the City’s Parks Maintenance Plan and formulate a recommendation to the City Council with respect to it. The Board’s recommendation should include specific projects and facilities, timing, phasing and any other considerations it deems necessary to be considered by the City Council. 
  • Evaluate parks, trails, art and recreational facilities policies on an ongoing basis with the goal of maximizing the use of city facilities to meet the changing recreational needs of the residents of the city.
  • Pursue opportunities to expand cultural arts in the community including performing, visual and literary arts.
  • Prepare an annual plan, including a proposed budget, for community activities and events and, with the approval, assistance and support of the City, be primarily responsible for carrying out those community activities and events.
  • Submit reports and recommendations to the City Council any time it deems necessary or in response to special requests by the City Council. 

(as per Ord 2020-04: Amending the enabling statute for the Parks, Trails, Arts and Recreation Advisory Board)

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