Design Criteria

North Salt Lake City Design Criteria

Design criteria to be considered in North Salt Lake City are:

  • Footing frost depth minimum of 30 inches
  • Roof snow load varies from 30-46 pounds based on corresponding elevation (elevations above 5,000 feet require an engineered design)
  • Seismic D-2 or E (depending upon proximity to the Wasatch Fault trace and soil conditions)
  • Weathering condition applicable to North Salt Lake is considered severe and the winter design temperature is 8 degrees
  • Wind Speed Based on IBC Section 1609 and applicable Risk Category (IBC Table 1604.5)

Stamp / Seal Required

All plans for new commercial structures, additions to or structural remodels of commercial buildings, and nonstructural remodels over 3,000 square feet in area require a stamp or seal by a state-licensed professional.

Work Requiring a Permit

Most repairs or alterations require a building, plumbing, electrical, or mechanical permit, including remodeling, new additions, re-roofing and siding, electrical remodeling, plumbing replacement, etc. Some of the exceptions are:

  • A detached accessory building less than 200 square feet (nonresidential)
  • A detached accessory building less than 200 square feet (residential)
  • A trash container and toilet facilities required on all sites
  • Cosmetic work (i.e., carpet, tile, painting, wall papering)

Contact Us

State law requires that a contractor / owner obtain necessary permits and have required inspections. If you have any questions about whether your project needs a permit, please call 801-335-8721. Note: If a retaining wall over four feet is constructed, a permit is required. However, flat cement work does not require a permit.