2017 Elections

2017 Elections

Notice of 2017 Municipal Election

Pursuant to Utah Code 10-3-301, the City of North Salt Lake hereby gives notice of the following municipal offices to be voted on in the 2017 Municipal Election: Mayor (4-year term), Council Member (4-year term), Council Member (4-year term). Terms are expiring for Mayor Len Arave, Council Member Matt Jensen and Council Member Ryan Mumford.

Davis County is Voting by Mail. Make sure you are registered. Ballots begin to arrive 21 days before each election. (You will still be able to vote in person at NSL City Hall from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. on election day. Please bring your ballot if you received one.)

2017 Election Date: The 2017 election takes place Tuesday, November 7th.

Learn more at the Davis County Elections page or call 801-451-3217.

2017 Candidates 

The following individuals have filed to run for office: (information as of 6/7/17 5:20 p.m.)

Candidate Campaign Financial Reports as of 10/31/17

Proposition Number 12

The NSL ballot will include a section asking residents to reauthorize the city's Recreation, Arts and Parks (RAP) tax.

What is the Rap Tax?

The Recreation, Arts and Parks (RAP) tax is a 1/10 of a cent sales tax collected wherever sales taxes are paid in North Salt Lake. It is tax revenue authorized for the purpose of funding recreation, arts, parks and open space facilities. In 2009, the voters in the City approved the imposition of the tax for construction of several parks. After the vote, the Council issued a bond and used the proceeds to construct the Legacy Park, Tunnel Springs Park and the Wild Rose Trailhead Park. The terms of the bond were for 25 years, even though the RAP tax was only authorized by State Statute for 8 years. The City is obligated to continue to make bond payments that average $310,000 annually until the year 2029.

The public is currently paying this tax at all North Salt Lake cash registers. Because the initial eight-year period authorizing the collection of the tax expires in 2018, the re-authorization of the RAP tax will appear on the regular ballot in November. If it is approved by voters, then the collection of the tax will continue as it is now. If approved, payers of the tax in North Salt Lake will not see an increase in the cost of transactions at the cash register since the tax is being collected already.

It is also important to know that other cities in Davis County such as Bountiful, West Bountiful, Woods Cross, and Centerville are collecting RAP tax revenues on their respective transactions. So North Salt Lake residents are already paying RAP taxes to other cities when shopping outside of North Salt Lake such as at Costco, Home Depot, Smiths Marketplace, Target and numerous other locations.

The City Council adopted a resolution stating that the proceeds of the RAP tax would be used for bond payments AND to fund projects adopted in the General Plan if revenues exceed bond payments. It is projected that the annual RAP tax revenues will be approximately $348,000 and so there may be additional revenue to support some new projects in the future.

Residents will also be voting on members of the South Davis Sewer District board. See the Davis County elections page for information on these candidates.

2017 Municipal Election Ballot

Copy of actual ballot

Ballot copy from Davis Co. 2017